AGOVIA jewellery is hand forged in Melbourne; this guarantees the quality, durability and individuality of our pieces. AGOVIA 2024 designs are centred on the intrinsic beauty and gemstones and precious metals used in creating jewellery; to ultimately harmonise the utility and aesthetic of all materials used.


AGOVIA is a small jewellery business based in Brunswick, Melbourne. The name AGOVIA is a contraction of two family names, Agostini and Govia. AGOVIA is an epithet, which captures a snippet of the madness, spirit and idiosyncrasies forged in the attempt to fuse Portugese, Native American, Corsican and Australian cultures. The pieces created by AGOVIA draw inspiration from Trinidadian euphemisms, cultural conceptions and the warmth of my family and friends who continue to live here in Australia and in the West Indies.

All stones sourced by AGOVIA are hand-selected from respected gemstone merchants in Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and the UK. Every piece of AGOVIA jewellery is centred around the intrinsic beauty of each gemstone; this is achieved through traditional gem-setting techniques and the use of lustrous precious metals.